Friday, May 3 2024

CW Pop-Up

Join us for one of a kind evening in collaboration with some of our favorite brands as we explore the intersection of cameras, watches & lifeysle.

In Collaboration With...

We're thrilled to collaborate with The following brands to bring you a wide range of complimentary goods. See more below on these brands.

Join us for a unique evening featuring the intersection of three parallel areas: Cameras, Watches, and Lifestyle. Experience the latest offerings from some of our favorite brands with collaborative experiences throughout the store for you to enjoy and explore.

The evening will begin after the close of the Windup Watch Fair at Fort Mason on Friday, May 3rd. We will send official details to all those who sign up in addition to updates on the event.

While enjoying complimentary refreshments and a wide away of goods you will be able to enjoy the work of one of the Bay Area's most celebrated artists and world reknown photographer, Todd Hido. In addition, browse an extensive collection of photography and photo books from the Gallery & Bookshop at Leica Store San Francisco.

Join us for this exclusive hands-on experience, engaging conversation, and incredible photography. It promises to be a memorable evening!


Friday, May 3rd, 7pm - 9pm 


Leica Store San Francisco - 463 Bush Street


Please RSVP - while we hope everyone can join us this event is closed to the general public. 

What to Expect:

We will have special "Shop in Shop" experiences for all of the listed vendors with special products, swag and more for you to take in! You won't want to miss this! 

Fine Modern, Pre-Owned & Vintage Timepieces

CW Watch Shop

With a wide selection of pre-owned and vintage watches, our retail store, CW Watch Shop, provides the opportunity to personally experience these incredible timepieces. CW Watch Shop embodies the spirit of those who enjoy fine time keeping devices be it a camera, a lens or a watch.

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Purpose built Tool Watches - Made in Germany


German-made tool watches, designed specifically for the aerospace industry, are well built and purposed made tools. Damasko offers a unique offering in the independent watchmaking space with their in-house calibers, rigorous testing, and utilitarian design. Much like the photographic tools we love, Damasko watches are robust, durable, and above all, a joy to use and for these reasons we've recently added Damasko to the Camera West family of brands. We're excited to collaborate with Damasko, bringing you the latest from their line and offering special giveaways during the event and the opportunity to try them out for yourself.

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Automotive Inspired Apparel


STANDARD H encapsulates what we love about cameras and watches in its apparel. Rooted in travel and automotive-inspired apparel and accessories, our good friend Wesley Smith curates not only our favorite shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats, but also hosts a unique podcast focused on aiding and empowering small businesses. Additionally, he offers one of the best travel guides to major cities around the globe on his website. Wesley will be joining us with the latest offerings from STANDARD H. If you don't already follow him online, we highly recommend that you do so.

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Fine Leather Goods - Made In Germany


Oberwerth bags are among our most preferred camera bags. We've been collaborating with Oberwerth and carrying their product line for nearly a decade at all of our stores. Their German handmade bags are crafted with the utmost care and attention, perfectly complementing your favorite fine photographic tools.

In addition to their excellent camera bags, Oberwerth has expanded their line to include fine lifestyle goods, from bags to accessories and more. We're thrilled to have Stefan Immes, the founder and CEO of Oberwerth, at our event. We'll be showcasing all the latest offerings from Oberwerth during this time.

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Photography, Sport Optics, Watches & Home Cinema

Leica Store San Franciso

First and foremost, our title sponsor and the venue for our event is the stunning Gallery, Bookshop, and Leica Retail Store located at 463 Bush Street. In addition to the venue, all of the latest offerings from Leica, including the new Leica SL3 and Leica Q3, will be available for guests to try out. We'll also have a wide selection of Leica Sport Optics to experience, and the opportunity to see the new Leica Cine 1 in full display at the store. We may be biased, but we believe there couldn't be a better place in San Francisco to host such an event! We’d like to thank Leica USA for joining us and supporting this special event.

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A Special thank You

We'd also like to express our gratitude to the Whiskey Shop USA who will be providing whiskey samples, and they will also be giving away a bottle from their selection during the event!